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What does a typical print infrastructure look like today?

No matter the size of your business, large, medium or small, multi-national or regional, take a few seconds to evaluate your current print infrastructure in five different ways:


An existing infrastructure takes into account installed base management and rationalisation of the printouts. But do they allow to control print volumes and costs? Do they curb their growth?


Printing is a type of communication in the business world as essential as the telephone or the internet.

Can we abolish it?


And … it would probably be pointless to try.

Printing Market Growth

graph-fleche-enSource: IDC, 08/2014, Unités Europe

Supplies Market

Source: Context, 06/2014 – OEM Sales

What do we see so far?

– That the installed base is evolving (see the chart on the growth of the printing industry against above).

– That infrastructure costs are increasing (equipment, IT, logistics, environmental impact and other productivity losses) (see chart on increased supplies against below).

– That 90% of companies do not know their real printing costs (source: InfoTrends).

– That the majority of them do not have the tools to not only, control all these factors, but also significantly reduce their costs.

In most cases, this issue does not even appear on their radar screens, which is an incredible situation because it can represent up to 6% of their turnover depending on the industries (source: All Associates)!


Overall Printing Costs

as a % of Revenue by Industry



Banking & Financial Service


Construction & Engineering

Source: All Associates, 2013 Companies with more than 500 employees

Why is this happening ? 

The reason is simple;  “You cannot manage if you don’t measure.”

There is no method or measurement tool implemented with appropriate processes or procedures to track accurately these costs.

What are the next steps ?  

The implementation of such an approach will significantly reduce costs, along with the printouts, but will it also improve productivity, inventory management, the ecological footprint and encourage users to have a more responsible attitude in the IT world.

Is it a dream ? No ! 

Can it be done without investment? Yes absolutely ! 

How? just execute the value proposition of Printless International